Misc Files

wolfysden.src.hqx Sherlock search module for Mac users.

synacian_win.zip Synacian font for windows in TrueType and Type 1
synacian_mac.sit.hqx Mac version of Synac font in TrueType and Type 1.

(NOTE: Win and Mac, if you're not using ATM, use the TrueType version. If you don't know what ATM is, use the TrueType version *grin*)

RandomWord.sit.hqx A little Mac utility I wrote to help me pick out alien sounding names or words. Assembles some random characters by following a few rules to make it semi pronouncable.
RandomWord.zip Windows version of the name generator.

Alternate Story Formats Click here for info on formats.

courier.zip Archive of the Courier in RTF format.
courier.pdf Complete in Adobe PDF.
Complete in PalmDoc format.

unfinished.pdb Unfinished Business in PalmDoc format.

tsap_partners.pdb To Serve and Protect - Partners in PalmDoc.
tsap_conscience.pdb To Serve and Protect - Conscience in PalmDoc.
tsap_surprise.pdb To Serve and Protect - Surprise in PalmDoc.
tsap_acclimating.pdb To Serve and Protect - Acclimating in PalmDoc.
tsap_playtime.pdb To Serve and Protect - Playtime in PalmDoc.

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