Art by Fans

The following images are by fans who were in some way inspired by my writing. I'm flattered by their works. Thanks. :)

Just like with my art page, full size images will open in a new window if you click on the thumbnail. If you don't like new windows, click the title of image to open in the same window.

If you prefer FTP directories, you can find them here for Mine and FanArt

Title: CatTASP.jpg

Description: Cat from TASP posing for a picture. Done in Prisma Pencils and markers.

Size: 312 x 553 pixels. 46,498 bytes

Author: Joshua

Title: nuzzel_01cg.jpg

Description: Ok, some of you think this represents me and my attraction for a certain character of mine. I'm not saying a word, but can you guess who?

Size: 554 x 564 pixels. 52,303 bytes

Author: Solus

Title: draken01.jpg

Description: Anticarrots rendition of a Synacian Draken as interpreted from the description in The Courier.
Also, check out his site for some decent stories.

Size: 1024 x 768 pixels. 101,200 bytes

Author: Anticarrot

Title: nicia.gif

Description: A rendition of Nicia standing with a stunner. A little superheroish for my taste, but still pretty good.

Size: 495 x 955 pixels. 48,340 bytes

Author: Ruka

Title: nicia2.jpg

Description: Ruka's vision of Nicia watching Grey, inspired by the scene in The Courier the evening in Drake's kitchen. I have to admit, I like this one! I think it captures the gentle side of her personality.

Size: 636 x 789 pixels. 45,167 bytes

Author: Ruka

Title: grey.gif

Description: Mikes vision of Grey in his OPs days, presumably on the mission to Colombia.

Size: 776 x 1062 pixels. 77,727 bytes

Author: Lauritsen

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