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This page contains thumbnails of my own artistic attempts and drawing, photomanipulation and 3D modeling.

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Title: darikhado.jpg

Description: Playing around with some more 3d modeling. A picture I've had in my head for awhile ofr Dariena and her ship, Khado. I havent decided if I wanted to do a cartoonish or more realistic style, so this model of Dariena is a bit of both.

Size: 520 x 440 pixels. 45,778 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: sheetz2.jpg

Description: Dariena asked me if she could get go something to eat. Thankfully she had her holosuit on and no one recognized her. :)

Size: 640 x 480 pixels. 56,523 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: magiceye.jpg

Description: For those of you familiar with those magiceye posters. (the ones you stare at until a 3d image appears) I have one that I made. See if you can figure out what it is. Let me know how it looks. :)

Size: 630 x 480 pixels. 183,056 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: nic_dar_shr.jpg

Description: Three of my favorite ladies in the SDF Universe. From left to right: Nicia, Dariena, Sheral.

Size: 620 x 400 pixels. 45,419 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: draken2001.mov

Description: Here is a newer concept rendering of the Dracken. I did away with the engine pods. (With a gravity drive, would you really need thruster pods?) The glow in the back is from an energy discharge system. It doesn't provide any thrust.

Modeled with Animation Master. You'll need QuickTime to view this fly-around animation.

Size: 320 x 240 pixels. 199,899 bytes
Time: 15FPS

Author: Wolfy

Title: draken2000.mov

Description: Here is another concept rendering of the Dracken. It was more of a test to see how the particle system on the pulsing engines worked.

Modeled in Infini-D 4. You'll need QuickTime to view this fly-around animation.

Size: 320 x 240 pixels. 499,429 bytes
Time: 15FPS

Author: Wolfy

Title: draken1998.jpg

Description: Since anticarrot sent me his version of the Synacian Dracken, I thought I'd post some of my stuff too.

This was an early concept rendering of the Draken, made long before I actually posted The Courier for public viewing.

(Trivia: The Courier was posted around Jul 1999 but has been in various pre-versions since 1987)

Size: 640 x 480 pixels. 15,279 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: dariena.jpg

Description: Dariena from the SDF Universe. One of my best to date.

Size: 263 x 803 pixels. 84,673 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: cat-b.gif

Description: Another rough sketch of Cat from TSAP.

Size: 362 x 486 pixels. 38,076 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: cat-a.gif

Description: Rough sketch of Cat from TSAP.

Size: 362 x 486 pixels. 24,862 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: catsalute.jpg

Description: My first sketch of everyone's favorite GESA.

Size: 150 x 355 pixels. 32,508 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: geheran.jpg

Description: My alterego, created entirely in PhotoShop. Run into me on IRC, ask for my pic and this is what you'll get. :-) After all, I did model for the photo.

Size: 451 x 480 pixels. 61,716 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: gerxmas.gif

Description: Some animated holiday art. Originally started in Illustrator and colored in flat tints. Brought into PhotoShop for shading and animated in ImageReady.

Size: 300 x 400 pixels. 40,502 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: leaningwolf.jpg

Description: Sometimes I like cartoonish, other times I like realistic. PhotoShop naturally. (Hey, I am Adobe certified.)

Size: 422 x 640 pixels. 73,904 bytes

Author: Wolfy

Title: leaningwolfdisp.jpg

Description: One of my attempts at playing with displacement filters to try to wrap a logo realisticaly across an image. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Size: 200 x 350 pixels. 19,990 bytes

Author: Wolfy

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